No. of Episodes: 5
Duration: 10 min(s)
Cast: Amy Kecik, Awal’liyah Ja’afar, Elfaeza Ul Haq, Sufian Ahmad
Host: -
Director: Muhammad Mahfuz, Diana Salim
Producer: Diana Salim
Scriptwriter: Muhammad Mahfuz

Positive viewership ratings from audiences have prompted MCYS and MDA to further expand the story of “Mr Pakar”. While the first episodes of “Mr Pakar” touched on topics such as the importance of communication and planning before and after marriage, the five mini webisodes will focus on other issues that are faced by a new family raising a young child,
such as:

  • Education for the child (PAKAR PENDIDIKAN)
  • Managing household finances (PAKAR BELANJAWAN)
  • Managing inter-family relations (PAKAR RESOLUSI KONFLIK)
  • Keeping the love alive (PAKAR AMBIL HATI)
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